Trouble at CIHR continues

Looks like CIHR continues to have trouble with the Project Scheme Live Pilot. Applicants are waiting for results of the competition to release today, and by the sound of it there was an unintended early release for some applicants that included the names of their reviewers. The message from CIHR is below (emailed to applicants today):

ResearchNet funding decision release incident

This is to advise that at 21:30 on July 14, 2016, a system breakdown caused by a local power failure resulted in ResearchNet releasing funding decisions for the Project Competition prematurely. In addition reviewer names were accessible for a maximum of 49 applicants for 17 minutes. Corrective actions were immediately undertaken and the system was restored to normal operating status. Reviewer names can no longer be accessed. CIHR is in the process of advising each of the reviewers whose name could have been accessed.

At this time, competition results are being released as scheduled. CIHR sincerely regrets this situation and recognizes its significance given the importance of confidentiality in the peer review process. CIHR is currently assessing the technical cause of this incident with ResearchNet in order to ensure that it is not repeated. 

Canadian Institutes of Health Research

This is clearly a big issue for the integrity of the review process. Its good to hear it was caught early, but this is not an encouraging development for an already controversial process. The most recent developments have been covered by CBC and Science magazine.